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Spirit of enterprise

       The essence of Huafeng Pharmaceutical Factory is the enterprise spirit-people oriented, practical and innovative, fast reaction, integrity and all-win.

        People oriented: To respect people, understand people and care for people.

        Practical and innovative: It is fundamental for the survival and development of enterprise. 'Practical' represents real practice and solid work. Innovation is the only road for the survival and development of the enterprise. We will produce more new products and contribute to the development of the enterprise.

        Fast reaction: Be sensitive to the current situation. To realize the change of current situation is the most effective method to survive in the competition.

        Itegrity and win-win: Itegrity is fundamental for the success of an enterprise. An honest company can win favorable word of mouth and credit, thus it can attract talents; moreover, integrity is the important quality of an employee. All-win is the expansion of win-win solution.