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Core culture

Culture connotation
To establish business platform by culture
Each employee should love the company, the team, customers, and they should help each other. Maximum profit of the enterprise and customer is the method to measure our value.

Authority culture

Integrate overall intelligence, establish decision power, obey enterprise decision

Obey authority without any excuse.

Appreciation culture

   Enterprise appreciates society  

  We appreciate family

   We appreciate customers  

   Leaders appreciate employees  

   Employees appreciate leaders   

   Employees appreciate enterprise         


Hot furnace culture

System Predictability    Necessity   Immediacy     Fairness    Durability

Sunshine culture

We have courage to defeat difficulty! We have willpower to solve crisis! We are confident to deal with challenge!

Learning culture

Learning without exam=0 Exam without appraisal=0




Integrity culture

        Integrity is very fundamental for a person, we must establish enterprise culture of integrity top for the sustainable development of the enterprise.