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Occupation Concept

        Talent philosophy: Talents contribute to the development of enterprise and enterprise cultivates talents. The basic standard for talent: Have professional ethics and vocational skills, recognize Huafeng culture, can finish work carefully. We pay more attention to the accomplishment, proficiency, character and experience of employees as well as ability; we respect the character differences and ability differences of employees, and offer platform to them. We hold on: properly make use of the existing talents, cultivate promising talents, introduce important talents and eliminate unqualified people.

         Leading philosophy: Serve organization and cultivate employees. The basic responsibility for upper level leaders is to formulate and practice development strategy of the enterprise; to establish and promote brand image of the enterprise, to integrate and collect resource; to cultivate and establish management group, encourage employees; to safeguard the interests of company, to grasp opportunity and avoid risk, thus it can ensure the growing state and effective management state of the company.

        Employee philosophy: Be passionate in the job, benefit the superiors. The employees should finish their works efficiently. We regard post as resource, pressure as power, responsibility as opportunity; establish professional awareness, enhance professional ability, abide by professional norm, perform professional responsibility. Employees should understand, obey and benefit superiors.

        Post philosophy: Post is the platform for employees to survive, develop and realize value. All employees should grasp post skill, abide by post regulation, perform post responsibility and accomplish post task.

        Execution philosophy: High efficiency, no excuse. Execution is a kind of habit and professional accomplishment, it is the scale to evaluate an employee; First-class competitiveness stems from top-ranking executive force. Favorable executive force is helpful for the execution of work and for the growth of individual.